Microtonal Music by Prent Rodgers CD – v10

I made a lot of music prior to 2008 and would periodically burn a CD to mail to interested listeners. This set contains the tracks in the tenth version of the CD. I would insert and remove songs as I generated new CD’s, and update the liner notes. Here’s a PDF of the last one I did. I may have not lined up all the song numbers with the right liner notes, but it’s close.

Title and Link to MP3 Blog Posts
01 – Whisper Song in 53 EDO 5/24/07
02 – Balloon Drum Music 9/22/05
03 – For the Downwinders 8/1/05
04 – Tsantsa Circle Dance 2002?
05 – Subduction Zone 3/30/05
06 – Chain of Flowers 2003?
07 – Mirror Walk 2003?
08 – Wasatch Frontd 10/14/04
09 – Candland Mountain
10 – Dry Hole Canyon for Woodwind Quintet 10/14/04

4 thoughts on “Microtonal Music by Prent Rodgers CD – v10”

  1. Caleb,
    Thanks for listening and I really appreciate the comments. I agree that sometimes the glissandi sound goofy. And the rhythms are weak at times. It will take me a while to get better at discriminating the good from the bad. But I’m working on it.

  2. Your music is always worth hearing. No bs. I admire how your harmonies really move.

    You are really composing with changing higher-ratio consonances. As far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the most important challenges of Western music, of post-Partch music, and the music I want to write/make myself. You’re not just sitting in one scale all the time, or on one overtone series.

    As for pitch-bend. I love the sound of the way you use pitch-bend between different fundamentals or chords — as in the beginning of Wasatch Frontd.

    Other places, when it’s just one instrument, it has a more whimsical sound. Sometimes this whimsy or artificial quality of the pitch-bends is less appealing to me.

    Since I’m a tortured, grumpy badger, I like your darker stuff, your bassier stuff, your more dissonant or more challenging stuff.

    The rhythms are propulsive and infectious. They’re also slightly ticky-ticky (artificial-sounding or computer-ish or too quantized.) I prefer this to the sound of rhythms that are too inaccurate or too “floppy” or “lumpy”, however.

    I’ll keep listening. The effect of your music is that I want to make my own! That is not the effect of a lot of contemporary music I hear, so that’s real praise.

    I think you’re a master of your own musical world — you’re doing what you set out to do.

    Sorry if my comments are too opinionated or personal, but I think that people benefit from frank comments — when those comments are somewhat knowledgable and well-intentioned.

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