Music of the Hoh River Valley

This is a set of pieces evocative of a journey down the Hoh River drainage, from near the peak of Mt. Olympus in the Olympic National Forest of Western Washington to the Pacific ocean. The river descends 56 miles through glaciers, rocks and then a temperate rain forest. The Hoh River Valley is very wet; it is perhaps the wettest spot in the 48 contiguous states. The glaciers of Mt. Olympus receive about 100 feet of snow a year, and the lower forests of the valley get 240 inches of rain every year.

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Individual songs here
1 – Approaching the Bergschrund at night.mp3
2 – Walking Down Blue Glacier.mp3
3 – At the Terminus of the Blue.mp3
4 – The Rocks of Glacier Creek.mp3
5 – Elk Lake Dancing.mp3
6 – Slow Dance.mp3
7 – Rafting the Middle Fork.mp3
8 – Slow Dance 2.mp3
9 – Floating the Lower Hoh.mp3
10 – Through Western Bog Laurel.mp3
11 – Slow Dance 3.mp3
12 – Winding out to the Pacific 23.mp3

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