Soundtrack to “The Donner Party”

This is a set of pieces composed for an imaginary movie about the Donner Party. As Wikipedia says:

The Donner Party was a group of 87 American pioneers who in 1846 set off from Missouri in a wagon train headed west for California, only to find themselves trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada. The subsequent casualties resulting from starvation, exposure, disease, and trauma were extremely high, and many of the survivors resorted to cannibalism.

The imaginary movie traces their path from Missouri to the desert outside Salt Lake, and then ends. Some day I hope to finish the rest of the five pieces and take them to the Sierra Nevada and beyond. I composed this set for the RPM Challenge in February 2008. More information is available in the liner notes here.

Title Link to MP3 Blog Posts
01 – Westering Journey 01 – Westering Journey 2/10/08
02 – Wagon Train Hoedown 02 – Wagon Train Hoedown 2/10/08
03 – Hasting’s Cutoff 03 – Hasting’s Cutoff 2/12/08
04 – Echo Canyon 04 – Echo Canyon 2/16/08
05 – Into the Desert 05 – Into the Desert 3/2/08

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