60×60 Call for works

Heads up! All composers – All videographers – a new call for works

Vox Novus is the brain child of Robert Voisey. He assembles CD’s and concerts of 60 second compositions by 60 different composers, called 60×60. Recently he worked with some dancers to accompany a 60×60 concert with 60 dances by 60 choreographers at theWinter Garden of the World Financial Center in NYC. A review in the NY Times was quite complementary.

Robert writes with a new call for works:

Did I forget to mention that there is another call for 60×60? Yes! With all the excitement I forgot to mention that there is a new call for 60 second works on recorded media. Here is the link: http://www.voxnovus.com/60×60/Call.htm

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

In conjunction with New Media New Music New England We are lookiing for video too! Visit the following for details: http://www.nmnmne.org/what_if.html

I contributed one piece that was accepted in a Pacific Rim 60×60 mix, and highly recommend others do the same. 60 seconds can really focus the mind. And to hear your work played next to someone else’s is fascinating.

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