A bridge from a circle of fifths

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This is a work in progress…

Make a bridge from a circle of fifths. How simple. Since the introduction is in C major, go up a 5:4 (17 steps in 53) to E minor, then down a 3:2 (31 steps) to A, down a 3:2 to D, down a 3:2 to G, then up a 77:76 (one step) to G+, then down a 3:2 (31 steps) back to C major. 77:76 is the ratio of a single step in 53 tone equal temperament (or Equal Divisions of the Octave, EDO). If the 3:2 were really a 3:2 instead of 31 steps of 53 EDO, and if the 5:4 were really a 5:4 instead of 17 steps of the 53 EDO, then the comma would be 81:80, instead of 77:76. But it’s close enough for audio work.

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