Allemande #7

I’ve rewritten the first part of the Allemande so that I can more easily manipulate different aspects of the piece. In this case, I’ve made it possible to stretch the time by two to four times. I’ve also made it possible to apply one measure’s rhythm to another measure’s notes, and a third measure’s dynamics. I’m just getting started making it work. Today’s version includes only the first seven measures. 

Next up is including double speed options, and then retranslating the rest of the 32 measures to increase the surprises. I love surprises. I already include two different F# major modes, one with a bad 6th and the other with a bad 4th. 

I should probably have sorted all the combinations by some sort of a scoring scheme. For every cent out of tune for a 5th, 5 points. For every 4rd out of tune, 4 points per cent. Every 3rd or 6th out of tune 3 points. Every second out of tune, 2 points per cent. 

There are hundreds of potential scales in a 31 limit diamond. I just have to find the right algorithm. Wish me luck.

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Allemande #7

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Prent Rodgers

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