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This is a work in progress…

Here’s another step along the way towards the Western Bog Laurel piece. Today’s sketch uses semi-unison lines in the harp, finger piano, vibe, marimba, bass finger piano, and balloon drums. I say semi-unison because each instrument can change alter his line by a few notes. There is a variable randomness setting in the software. The balloon drum part has more notes than the others, but that’s because his sustain is so limited.

Each chord can have a variety of alterations: straight, trill, or slide. The trills and slides move each note in a triad up or down by a step in the otonality scale. Bb 16/9 can go up a 9:8 to C 1/1 or down a 7:8 to Ab 14/9. The D 10/9, which is a 5:4 above the Bb 16/9 can go up an 11:10 to Eb 11/9 or down a 9:10 to C 1/1. And the F 4/3 a 3:2 above Bb 16/9 can go up a 7:6 to Gb 13/9 or down a 11:12 to an Eb 11/9. The slides are nice and sweet. Here is the glissando up a 12:11 in Csound:

f 323 0 256 -7 1 64 1 128 1.0905077 64 1.0905077 ; 12:11 22 up 9

And here it is graphically, as rendered by Csound to a PDF file:

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