Artificial Bach – Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele #4

This is another in the series of Artificial Bach Chorales created by the coconet deep learning neural network. I take the output of the neural network and combine four predictions on top of each other. Imaging four piano players in the four corners of the room told to improvise a chorale based on the bass line from the Schmucke chorale. They all faithfully execute a reasonable Back chorale, discarding the top three lines and keeping the bass part. But each has his own take on what Bach would have done. One goes off into Eb major at one point, while the other moves to A minor. They all come together at key points in the phrasing, especially at the end. I had to chop the chorale up into segments that fit the model’s expectation of a phrase of two 4:4 measures. Bach in the case of Schmucke used 2 1/2 measure phrases for the first four, then two 2 measure phrases, and a final chord of a F major held for two measures. The prediction still tried to create a chorale out of a single chord.

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Prent Rodgers

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