Balloon Drum Music #1

Here is the first transformation of the piece I wrote in 2005 called Balloon Drum Music. It made extensive use of balloon drum samples, but this one is all Bosendorfer. It’s primarily in Bb (16:9) with a bridge that moves through the rest of the keys shown in the graphic here:


I’ve divided the 16 note scale into four tetrads (4-note chords), as shown in the brown, blue, orange, and purple. The brown is 4:5:6:7 otonal or utonal 8/4:5:6:7. Those are major and minor 7th chords, in a relatively conventional just tuning. The blue is the next four notes in the over/undertone series, and the orange and purple are higher/lower in the series. There is lots of movement from brown to blue and back in the slides and trills. This version is taken from the previous piece, Resolution in Blue, with almost no changes other than the chord progression and the tempo. I plan to spend the next few sessions redesigning into something original. Note that in the chart, the major (otonal) scales go from low to high, and the minor (utonal) go from high to low.

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Balloon Drum Music #1

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Prent Rodgers

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