Baritone Guitar Samples

I’ve been working on some new guitar samples. I bought some Ernie Ball “Not Even Slinky” guitar strings, and a “Powered by Lace Bridge Humbucker Guitar Pickup, both pictured here, along with the rig I built to play the strings in the samples:

These strings are often used on a baritone guitar, an instrument I did not know existed until I heard one on a Beach Boys song, “Caroline, No”, and perhaps on the theme to Twin Peaks. The length of the open strings is 30.5 inches, and the diameter of the lowest string is .056 inches. It is typically tuned a 4/3 below a standard guitar, with B as the lowest note.

This example is a six note F major overtone chord to the 11 limit, gliding to a C major overtone chord, then back to the F major overtone chord. Tuning is 72 EDO.

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Or download here: Pomp & Parade.

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