Bells #3

This is a completed version of my ambient piece in the Second of July collection based on John Adams remarks on July 2, 1776. It’s scored for 128 Baritone Guitars and bass finger piano. I make liberal use of the following envelope to mask the initial guitar transients.

f272 0 1025 6 0 64 .5 64 1 256 1 512 1 64 .5 64 0 ; e26 slow rise, sustain, slow drop

Which looks like this:
Csound function table for envelope
The notes have a wide variety of slides available to them, but they always slide to another of the six notes in the six note scales, or to one of the notes in the next scale in the series. Sort of E minor, A minor, D minor, G major, C major, F major, C major and out. This is the progression I have used in the past. It’s a typical rock intro vamp for some forlorn song about love lost and then found.

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Or download here: Bells.

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