Berceuse #1

I’ve started work on a lullaby by Frédéric Chopin, his Berceuse opus 57 published in 1843, when he was 33. There is one passage towards the end that is truly transcendent. I’m starting at the beginning. Today’s offering is measures 1-16. The tuning to represent the 12-EDO Db major is derived from the Otonality of Db, but the notes I’m using in this part are a typical diatonic just scale:

  • Db 1:1
  • Eb 9:8
  • F 5:4
  • Gb 21:16
  • Ab 3:2
  • Bb 27:16
  • C 15:16
  • Db 2:1

The Gb is 27 cents flat, a 64:63 off. But the rest are a relatively sweet diatonic major scale.
There are a total of 16 notes in the 31-limit Otonality. I’m picking them carefully. I think Chopin only chose notes other than these diatonic ones as chromatic stepping stones when he moved from one major scale note to another.

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Berceuse #1


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