Bumper Music for today

Today’s work is 46 seconds of modulations between the keys of:

  • F 4/3 minor: F 4/3, G 16/11, A 8/5, B 16/9, C 1/1, D 8/7
  • A 8/5 major: A 8/5, B 9/5, C 1/1, D 11/10, E 6/5, G 7/5
  • C 1/1 major: C 1/1, D 9/8, E 5/4, F 11/8, G 3/2, B 7/4
  • A 5/3 minor: A 5/3, B 20/11, C 1/1, D 10/9, E 5/4, F 10/7

There are lots of notes in common between these keys, but some that are just a bit off. For example, the F 4/3 minor includes A 8/5 as the minor third, which is the root of the next scale.

But the B 16/9 in F is altered to B 9/5 in A. This is a ratio of 81:80. The B has to move this amount when I modulate from F to A, an almost inperceptible change. There are others as well. Note the move of B 9/5 in A major, to B 7/4 in C major. This is a move of 35:36. And also B 20/11 in A minor to B 16/9 in F minor, a move of 44:45. The melody will exploit these changes, when I get around to writing it.

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This is a work in progress…

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