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This is a work in progress…

Today’s excerpt takes the retrograde of a counter theme and appends on the primary theme played by the guitar. The ending is a spring glissando up and down simultaneously. Here’s a picture of the spring. It’s made of .080″ piano wire (very thick tempered steel wire), which is bent with a pair of plyers and a blow torch into interesting shapes. The wires are then brazed onto a steel plate, and magnetic transducers are attached to pick up the vibrations. Csound is used to glissando up and down. Here’s the function table that goes up, and the one that goes down:

f312 0 256 -7 1 256 1.3; a table of values sloping from 1 to 1.3 - up slowly
f313 0 256 -7 1 256 .80; sloping from 1 to .8 - down slowly

Then in the orchestra, the following code moves the pitch of the sampling synthesizer:

kcpsm oscili 1, 1/p3, i10 ; create an set of shift multiplicands from table - glissandi
kcps2 = kcps * kcpsm ; shift the frequency by values in glissando table
a3,a4 loscil 1, kcps2, ifno, ibascps,0,1,2 ;

There is more in the Csound code on my web site if you’re interested. loscil is the key to a sampling synthesizer using Csound.

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