Clover – Like Wind #1

Today’s music is a result of noodling around with a new way to chose rhythms arithmetically. I pick a set of six durations randomly.

.s-d-16-1a .d-16-1 d4h0x
.s-d-16-1b .d-16-2 d2h0x
.s-d-16-1c .d-16-3 d2h0x
.s-d-16-1d .d-16-4 d2h0x
.s-d-16-1e .d-16-5 d2h0x
.s-d-16-1f .d-16-6 d4h0x
.s-d-16-2a .d-16-1 d4h0x
.s-d-16-2b .d-16-2 d2h0x
.s-d-16-2c .d-16-3 d2h0x
.s-d-16-2d .d-16-4 d2h0x
.s-d-16-2e .d-16-5 d4h0x
.s-d-16-2f .d-16-6 d2h0x

Then I have a way of calling either the first set, or any other like it where it sets all six separate durations in one stroke.

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Clover – Like Wind #1

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Prent Rodgers

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