Clover – Like Wind #3

I included some different randomizing algorithms in this version. Most of the piece uses the Drunkard’s Walk, but I also include a part where the pre-processor tries, with varying degrees of success, to repeat the same choice many times. It’s kind of like getting stuck in a beat, but where the repetition is not exactly the same for a while. Then it returns to the Drunkard Walk for more variety. The amount of variety changes may times through the piece.

It’s scored for Balloon and Tube Drums, Finger Pianos, Baritone Guitars, Vibraphones, Harps, and Marimbas. The keys change frequently as the pre-processor wanders sequentially through the otonality major and utonality minor keys. I chose a key by moving up or down a list, one step at a time for the Dunkard’s Walk, or try to stay in the same key when the repetition is deliberately encouraged. Here’s the list:

.chor-x-01 &Cnmajx.
.chor-x-02 &Abmajx.
.chor-x-03 &Fnmajx.
.chor-x-04 &D+majx.
.chor-x-05 &A+majx.
.chor-x-06 &F+majx.
.chor-x-07 &E-majx.
.chor-x-08 &Dbmajx.
.chor-x-09 &Fnminx.
.chor-x-10 &A-minx.
.chor-x-11 &Cnminx.
.chor-x-12 &D+minx.
.chor-x-13 &Gnminx.
.chor-x-15 &Dbminx.
.chor-x-16 &Ebminx.

I change the key by starting a line with this code:


Here are the keys chosen in the 118 different choices made in the piece. You can see that they are sequential most of the time, but sometimes the are random and then repeat for a few.

#1-20 #21-40 #41-60 #61-80 #81-100 #101-118
Db-maj Cn-min Fn-maj Ebmin Db-maj Db-maj
E--maj E--maj Fn-maj Cn-maj E--maj Fn-min
F+-maj E--maj A--min Ab-maj Db-maj A--min
A+-maj F+-maj A--min Fn-maj Fn-min Cn-min
D+-maj E--maj A--min D+-maj A--min D+-min
Fn-maj Db-maj A--min A+-maj Cn-min Cn-min
D+-maj E--maj A--min F+-maj A--min A--min
Fn-maj Db-maj F+-maj E--maj Fn-min Fn-min
Ab-maj E--maj F+-maj F+-maj A--min Db-maj
Cn-maj F+-maj F+-maj A+-maj Fn-min E--maj
Ab-maj A+-maj F+-maj D+-maj A--min Db-maj
Cn-maj F+-maj A+-maj Fn-maj A--min Fn-min
Ebmin E--maj D+-maj D+-maj Fn-min Fn-min
Db-min F+-maj Fn-maj Fn-maj Fn-min Fn-min
Gn-min A+-maj Ab-maj D+-maj Fn-min Fn-min
D+-min D+-maj Cn-maj A+-maj Fn-min Fn-min
Gn-min A+-maj Ebmin F+-maj A--min Fn-min
D+-min F+-maj Db-min E--maj Fn-min Fn-min
D+-min E--maj Gn-min F+-maj A--min
Cn-min Fn-maj Db-min E--maj Fn-min

See that long section of A–min and another few sections where it stays on Fn-min, or F+-maj? Then it returns to going up or down the list.

2016-07-06 16.52.27

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Clover – Like Wind #3

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