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Richard Boulanger and his team at Berklee and csounds.com have created a terrific archive of electronic music compositions created using Csound. For those who like electronic music, hand crafted with the software descendent of Music V, listen to M3U streams of the concerts here:

  • Concert 1 with Eduardo Miranda – Olive Trees, Dennis Miller – Csound Etude, Barry Threw – Escape, Arran Lowe – Ghosts, Bill Alves – Hiway 70
  • Concert 2 with Chris Velez – 6Hours 16Bit – Csound Catalog Piece, Jess Hewitt – Dead End – Csound Catalog Piece, Kim Cascone – bluecube, Paris Smaragdis – SlingPling, Richard Boulanger – Two Movements in C, Theresa Silver – Silver Garden – Csound Catalog Piece.
  • Concert 3 duplicates Concert 1
  • Concert 4 with Dave Bax – Three, Barry Threw – Insomnia, Amaro Borges – Sonatina, Barry Threw – Inner Light, Andreas Bjorck – Moving Grey Part I
  • Concert 5 with with Derek Pierce – Invade Areas Where Nothing’s Definite, Flavio Gaete – Lullaby, David Hingoraney – Tired of this Noise in my Head, Flavio Gaete – Cancion de Cuna, Eloy Anzola – g draft 1
  • Concert 6 with John ffitch – Collage, Grant Chu Covell – Csound Texture Study 1998, John ffitch – Unbounded Space
  • Concert 7 with James Dashow – In Winter Shine, Hans Mikelson – Halloween, Joe Ciarcia – Final3, Jake Joaquin – Electronic Bubbles, Robert Cooper – Perks
  • Concert 8 with Gabriel Maldonado – QuantumTantra, John ffitch – Stalacitite
  • Concert 9 with Freddy Sheinfeld – Main, Hans Mikelson – Temple, Hans Mikelson – Valentine, & Terrain, Magda Klapper – Adeson TN
  • Concert 10 with Nate Jenkins – What is this doing to me, Mike Berry – Voices=Wind
  • Concert 11 with Luca Pavan – Planet, Michael Clarke – Malarsang
  • Concert 12 with Derek Pierce – Invade Areas Where Nothing’s Definite, Joe Kung – Xanadu, Flavio Gaete – Lullaby, Steven Yi – On the Sensations of Tone, David Akbari – Syntax Context – Note List Piece, Richard Boulanger – Trapped in Convert, John ffitch – Drums and Different Cannons 1(b) – Distance, John ffitch – Drums and Different Cannons 1(c) – Gruneberg, John ffitch – Drums and Different Cannons 1(d) – Henon, John ffitch – Drums and Different Cannons 1(e) – Postlude, John ffitch – Drums and Different Cannons 1(a) – Prelude, Gabriel Maldonado – PhysMod, Matt Ingalls – Garage1, Michael Gogins – Chaotic Squares, Tobias Enhus – Electric Priest, Danny Patterson – Fluff or Die – Csound Catalog Piece, Robert Cooper – Cymbolic
  • Concert 13 with Jon Christopher Nelson – Csound Etude, Lou Cohen – Circles 2004
  • Concert 14 with Prent Rodgers – MajorMinor and Elkhorn Slough
  • Concert 15 with Pete Moss – Additiv, Noise, Descent, Chant, and Etude1
  • Concert 16 with Tim Barrass – The Swarm, Sal Sofia – Reptilas, Sean Costello – Space, Tom Huber – Night, Sean Costello – Otis, Severine Baron – Unwanted Flight
  • Concert 17 with Robert Elkins – Final, Yuan Liu – In Valencia, Yuan Liu – Did Anyone Notice, Sal Sofia – Mir
  • Concert 18 with Ryan Gilbert – Time Out – Csound Catalog Piece, Christopher Noel – Give Me More Time – Csound Catalog Piece, Zak Kramer – Reading from the Catalog – Csound Catalog Piece, Laura Tjoelker – Six – Hour – Bounce – Csound Catalog Piece, Enrique Lastra – Filter Flux – Csound Catalog Piece, Diego Quiros – Catalog Comp – Csound Catalog Piece, David Akbari – In Your House – DSP SoundMap Project, Ryan Gilbert – Cecilia – Cecilia Piece
  • Concert 19 with Andreas Bjorck – Hibernia, Anthony Kozar – Dorian Gray, Art Hunkins – Gifts, Alan Rosenblith – Movement3, Bobby Pietrusko – Hunger Artist, Brian Baughn – Maple 7, Blake Williams – First, Alan Rosenblith – Movement1, Art Hunkins – Via Creativa,
    Anthony Pedar – PK Sweep, Art Hunkins – Lux Hominum, Art Hunkins – Et Vitam, Alan Rosenblith – Movement2
  • Concert 20 with Dave Linnenbank – Windchimes in AC, Frank Pablo – Opus1, Eloy Anzola – Nightbeat 1, Elaine Walker – Microtonal Study 1, Freddy Sheinfeld – Natural Reflections, David Marsh – cSoundScape1, Eun Suk Choi – Supressed Memory, David Hanft – Conditions, Dave Seidel – Resonant Palindrome, Daniel Birczynski – Time Variations
  • Concert 21 with Greg Rippin – Elegy, Hans Mikelson – Halloween, Greg Thompson – Necessary Evil, Glenn Ianaro – Turbulance, Glenn Ianaro – Rice Bowl, Jake Joaquin – Message from Another Planet, James Forrest – cklez4, Jean Piche – Incantation, Jake Joaquin – Nuclear Energy, Glenn Ianaro – Phases, Hans Mikelson – New Age Bull, Ignacio Longo – Bartok Variations, Jahwan Koo – Asymetric Symetry
  • Concert 22 with Matt Ingalls – f(Ear), CrusT UH, Garage1, violinNoise, NlogN
  • Concert 23 with Victor Lazzarini – Timelines1a, Michael Gogins – 03 38 19 python, Michael Gogins – Chaotic Squares, Michael Gogins – Cloud Strata
  • Concert 24 with Jean-Luc Cohen – Monolith, Jeff Harrington – Acid Bach 0, Acid Bach 1, Deserted, A Wash, How Can It Be, Acid Bach 2, Acid Bach 3, Acid Bach 4
  • Concert 25 with Kim Cascone – bluecube, Karlheinz Stockhausen – Study 2, Julie Friedman – Heartbeat 1, Kenji Ichiyanagi – The Fall of Time, Joo Won Park – Fragments of Forest, Joo Won Park – Escala 3, John Saylor – Rhythmicon, John Chen – Polyrhythm, John Ramsdell – You Know I Know
  • Concert 26 with Michael Gogins – Lindenmayer Music 21 & Messier Catalog 3, J L Diaz – Bay and Bay at Night
  • Concert 27 with David Akbari – SoundByte1, So Young Kim – Fantasy1, Chris Dale – Reach, Giovanni Damiani – Omaggio a Giuseppe Ganduscio, Michael Bechard – Adelle, David Akbari – SoundByte2
  • Csound Marathon – Too numerous to mention
  • Internet Groovy – As you might expect
  • Internet Groovy 2 – More and more
  • Csound Internet Pop – More and more
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This is a magnificent collection for anyone who has every touched a synthesizer, tape machine, microphone, or seen someone do it. Listen and learn from the experts. Most of the pieces have source code you can hunt for on the web to show how the masters work. Richard’s book The Csound Book is all you need to know to get started. From his bio we learn:

Richard Boulanger rboulanger@berklee.edu was born in 1956 and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from the University of California, San Diego where he worked at the Center for Music Experiment’s Computer Audio Research Lab. He has continued his computer music research at Bell Labs, CCRMA, the MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, and IBM and worked closely for many years with Max Mathews and Barry Vercoe. Boulanger has premiered his original interactive works at the Kennedy Center, and appeared on stage performing his Radio Baton and MIDI PowerGlove Concerto with the Krakow and Moscow Symphonies. His music is recorded on the NEUMA label.

Currently, Dr. Boulanger is a Professor of Music Synthesis at the Berklee College of Music where he has been honored with both the Faculty of the Year Award and the President’sAward. He has published articles on computer music education and composition in all the major electronic music and music technology magazines. Most recently, Boulanger edited a definitive textbook on computer music that was published by The MIT Press entitled: The Csound Book

Great work Richard!

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