Das Wandern – Schubert Lied – Recomposed by Franz Liszt

I just learned that Franz Liszt was a serial recomposer. Wikipedia calls them “treatments”, but I prefer recomposer. He recomposed the work of over 100 composers, with the most numerous being those of Franz Schubert. I’m a real fan of Schubert, and of Liszt’s piano music. Today’s piece is a short minute and a half that captures what Liszt was able to do with a wonderful example of Schubert’s Müllerlieder (also known as Die schöne Müllerin.) number 1, Das Wandern.

The tuning is taken from the overtone series of 16/9, including the following ratios:

  • 16/09
  • 01/01
  • 19/18
  • 10/09
  • 07/06
  • 23/18
  • 04/03
  • 13/09
  • 03/02
  • 29/18
  • 05/03
  • 31/18

They provide a perfect just triad 4:5:6/4 in Bb and F, which are the primary keys in this piece. And the F major includes a perfect 7:4, for that flatted 7th.

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Das Wandern #1


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