Drei Equale – Beethoven Trombone Quartet

This is a work in progress. Marcel de Velde has asked several microtonalists to apply our intonation efforts to retuning Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Drei Equale for trombone quartet. Here’s my first pass at the first 21 measures. I used Csound and a trombone sample from the McGill University Master Samples library. I don’t have any midi tools available.

I’ve used some strange ratios, especially for the diminished triads. Measure 12 starts with a D minor, which I use 10/9 4/3 5/3. In the next chord, the A becomes an Ab to make a diminshed triad. I chose the ratio of 14/9. That makes a 5:6:7 ratio, as in the otononality scale. How else to chose? Where did the diminished triad originate?

There is another diminshed triad in measure 17, last note. I chose 6:11:13 here, and it really sticks out. Maestro LVB would not approve. Any better ideas?

Play it:

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