Drei Equale

This is a work in progress. I’ve made a few updates to the ratios of some of the notes to take the advice of some microtonalists. My ratios are shown on the JPG below in blue, Marcel de Velde’s in black. I tried to eliminate the wolfs. The differences are small to Marcel’s choices, a 7/6 instead of an 6/5 at chord 12 to enable the 7th overtone, and several choices that are 81/80 or 64/63 different. What’s a 225/224 among friends? (chord 27: I like the 7/5, he has 43/32. I’m trying to make sure that when you hear a 3/2, it is a 3/2, and not a 20/27 or a 45/64, or something like it. That’s my rule for now. See measure 5, where I’ve changed the 9/8’s to 10/9, to keep a 3/2 instead of the 20/27.

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