Ernie’s Shuffle on Ten #6

This is a work in progress. I tracked down that stack overflow bug, but not before spending several hours trying to figure out what was causing it. Then I found it:

@ here's your stack overflow. fool.
.fin1-42-a01 &fin1-42-a01*.
.bdr1-42-a01 &bdr1-42-a01*.
.bdr2-42-a01 &bdr2-42-a01*.
.bdr3-42-a01 &bdr3-42-a01*.
.bdr4-42-a01 &bdr4-42-a01*.
.bdr5-42-a01 &bdr5-42-a01*.

Of course every time I asked for a resolution of &fin1-42-a01*. it would return &fin1-42-a01*. until the stack overflowed. Amazing. I’m back on track now.
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