Five Dances based on TonicNet Chorales #46

Today’s work results from trying to isolate the variables that create the most interesting set of five dances based on the TonicNet Chorales. In this version the keys are F# minor, B minor, E major, A major and D major, tuned in Kellner’s Well Temperament. As before, I chose them because they have many segments where the notes are not in the root key of the chorale. There are dozens of variables in the creation of the dances from the original synthetic chorale material, but the main control points can be found by scanning the logs using grep:

egrep "mask.shape|factors|repeat_count|mask_zeros|midi_file" open_samples3-t46.log

This produces the following output, which includes the key values for important variables chosen by the algorithm from a set of ranges and probabilities:


The dances are scored for finger piano, balloon drum, and Ernie Ball Super Slinky Guitar strings on an old Gibson humbucking pickup.

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Prent Rodgers

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