Five more Preludes on TonicNet Synthetic Chorales #7

Today’s contribution uses synthetic chorales manufactured by a TonicNet model in the keys of E♭ major and C♮ minor, which use the same notes. This one is also tuned using Kellner’s Well Temperament. Scored for finger piano. I set it up so that all the five chorales would be about the same length, and I adjusted to tempos to ensure that. TonicNet doesn’t limit itself to 32 1/16th notes the way Coconet does, so I get to vary the length as a bonus.

Each the chorales length is stated in the table below in thousands of MIDI ticks. I don’t understand MIDI, so I just puttered around until I found five that were of different numbers of MIDI ticks. That resulted in three fast and 3 slow preludes, alternating between major and minor.

# key E♭M Cm E♭M Cm E♭M
# k note 16k 12k 23k 23k 11k
# speed f s f f s
# index 231 371 222 371 234

You can see from the image below that the middle one is the most frantic. Reminds me of Glenn Gould’s 1955 Goldberg Variation 1. Speed demon, that guy,


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