Floating the Lower Hoh Take 5

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This version includes several mirror functions. Where earlier sections used predominantly the utonality triad 5/(4:5:6), which is a standard just minor chord in A, there are now complementary sections that use 10/(7:9:11), higher up the utonality diamond.

The overtone series can be thought of as overtones 4:5:6 making up a major chord, and higher up overtones 7:9:11 extending that out. The undertone series is the opposite of overtone series. Other mirror functions have the choice of notes to play proceed sequentially, then backwards.

The piece is scored for sine waves. This is the first time I haven’t used orchestral samples in a piece. No more jokes about fake but accurate. The intonation is 53 tone equal divisions of the octave approximating just.

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3 thoughts on “Floating the Lower Hoh Take 5”

  1. I have always had a hard time saying anything about your music because it is very peculiar…but fascinating!
    Anyway I appreciate your efforts and your many skills.

    – Carlo

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