Fragaria – Philosophers #5

This is a work in progress. So far I just have the background parts, which consist of unison bass finger piano, long string, and tuba, plus French Horn, finger piano, piano, and baritone guitar samples. I don’t have a beginning or end, or much of a bridge to speak of. Think of it as all middle for now. More will come. I’m thinking of adding an alto flute solo melody part, but Markov Chain Drunkard Walk melodies always seem too random. I’ll have to work on that.

2016-08-11 16.23.25

The title is from two sources, as are all the titles in this album. The first is a common wildfire in the Cascades, Fragaria Virginiana, or wild strawberry. It has delightful pea sized berries which are very sweet, but tiny. The second is a word from Falkner’s Sound and the Fury.

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Fragaria – Philosophers #5

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