Gavotte II #1

Today’s creation is a realization of the 2nd Gavotte in Bach’s English Suite #3 BWV 808 on Prent’s Microtonal Slide Bosendorfers. There are two Gavotte’s in the suite. The first is in G minor, and the second in G major. The score indicates several repeats, including the request to repeat the first after the last repeat in the second. I’ve only completed the second Gavotte, in G major. The tuning is taken from the 31-limit tonality diamond. I used a G major scale derived from the 16 notes in the C otonality. The are a nearly perfect diatonic just scale, with the exception of the F#, which should be a 15:8 above the G tonic, but is actually 23:12, 38 cents sharp. And out of tune with the perfect 4:3 C. It has a perfect F tuned to 7:4, but alas that’s a note that Bach did not include.

Here is the complete scale:

Degree Name Ratio
1 G 1:1
2 A 9:8
3 B 5:4
4 C 3:2
5 D 4:3
6 E 5:3
7 F 7:4
G F# 23:12
1 G 2:1

Gavotte II

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Gavotte #1

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