Hasting’s Cutoff

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This is a work in progress…

Finger Piano and harp so far. I’d like to add some alto flute and some other instruments, but haven’t had much success so far.

July 31, 1846: James Reed writes “Hastings Cutoff is said to be a saving of 350 or 400 miles and a better route. The rest of the Californians went the long route, feeling afraid of Hastings’s cutoff. But Mr. Bridger informs me that it is a fine, level road with plenty of water and grass. It is estimated that 700 miles will take us to Captain Sutter’s fort, which we hope to make in seven weeks from this day.” At the fort the emigrants take on some new members. Now numbering 74 people, the Donner Party leaves Fort Bridger and starts out on Hastings Cutoff.

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Prent Rodgers

Musician seduced into capitalism.