June Gloom #14

Here is the last version of June Gloom I will post. Today’s run through the algorithm is a milepost of sorts. I finally was able to generate the whole thing without having to run either the preprocessor or Csound in that dreadful XP box on my Windows 7 laptop. Today I finished the port of the preprocessor to Free Pascal from Turbo Pascal. Most of the problems along the way were due to failing to check for Nil pointers and out of bounds arrays. Apparently Turbo Pascal circa 1989 let me do some bad things. I fixed those and the program compiled. After earlier porting the Csound code to a version of Csound that runs in Windows 7, I’m now free of the XP box. Today’s post is the result. Nothing is substantively different, except it’s another round through the algorithm, so everything has changed.

Download or Play it here.

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