Machine 2 – v1

This is another “Machines” piece. I’ve generated six versions, and this is the first. I thought I post #1 because it has some nice sections that get complex and loud, then quiet and simple. The others are very different, but interesting nonetheless.

The basic idea is a trip through a set of chord changes that are relatively conventional, with a chorus taken from the chorus of the Sam & Dave song “Hold On, I’m Comin'”. F major, Ab major, Bb major, C major, back to F major. But the algorithm can chose either those four note chords, or the other tetrads in each key. So instead of starting and ending on F major, it can start on G neutral, or F# major, or E major, the other three tetrads in the 16 note otonal scale. But they are much harsher than the first tetrad, and can be more challenging to listen to. There is a lot of tempo variety in the piece, and changes of density as well. There are many lists of lists of lists that the algorithm can chose from. Randomness can be either limited, broad, or sequential. This creates a lot of variety.

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Machine 2 – v1

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