Machine3 – v8

This is another “final” version of the third machine series pieces. I added some more randomization methods to get a little ostinato going. Just a bit. The rhythm is the same as the last version. Each measure is played either a normal speed or twice as slowly, or 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7 times slower. This means I stay on a measure for up to seven times longer than normal. I worked to spread the measure lengths out so that they all have the same chance of being chosen. It uses the same scales derived from the tonality diamond to the 31-limit.

  • 1:1 otonal
  • 4:3 otonal
  • 9:8 utonal
  • 16:9 otonal

or download here:
Machine3 – v8

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Prent Rodgers

Musician seduced into capitalism.