Machine4 – Goldberg Aria and Variations 1-8 v30

This version has a very small change for the E minor chords. I was using the 3:2 otonality (which is a available with a 31-limit tonality diamond based on 9:8), and I changed that to use the 5:4 utonality based on a 1:1 diamond. This change only affected measures 9, 11, 14,and 21. By doing this, I avoid having an E minor chord with a 680 cent fifth. In measure 24 I kept the old E minor. It sounds better.

Throughout the piece I try to maintain all the keys with pure fifths at 3:2, which are 702 cents, thirds that are either 5:4 or 6:5, and 7ths in subdominant chords as 7:4, while preserving the same key notes in the major key of the piece. That means I try to have important notes like the D as 204 and G as 702 cents not change as I move across different chords. Mostly.

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Machine4 – Goldberg Aria and Variations 1-8 v30

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