Machine4 – Goldberg Aria and Variations 1-8 v33

This is a revised version of my Goldberg Variations. These remove many of the spurious noises in past versions.

I recently bought a new pair of headphones (Sony WH-1000Xm3 noise cancelling) and listened to some of my recent tracks on them. I was amazed at the noises that were in the some of the pieces. I discovered that all the quiet Bosendorfer samples have a significant noise component after the initial note sound. I used Audacity to remove the noises with the Noise Reduction filter. Most of them are fixed now, but a few still remain. I never noticed the noises before because I never mixed with high end headphones. I’d go for walks and to pieces listen, but my standard headphones are pretty low end. When I listen in my office on speakers, I keep the sound low, and never heard the noises there either.

I regret the error. And plan to get my ears checked.

Here are the envelopes that I am using. They tend to hide the note starts, and enhance any noises towards the end of the samples.

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Machine4 – Goldberg Aria and Variations 1-8 v33

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