Machine5 – Cleansing Fountain & 16 Variations – v3

Here I let the machine make 16 variations on sections of the song Cleansing Fountain. They are anywhere from a few seconds to a little over a minute in length, separated by short silences. Each takes the notes of four of the sixteen measures and scrambles them up in different ways, including sliding from one note to another. I’m still working on this, and think I will have something of interest soon. The tuning is derived from two scales in the tonality diamond to the 31-limit. The scales are either the otonality on 1:1 or 4:3. They share many of the same notes, and I didn’t have to change the value of any note moving from one to the other scale. Some of the variations are very quiet. I think I might need to keep that from happening.

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Machine5 – Cleansing Fountain variations v3

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Prent Rodgers

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