Machine5 – Cleansing Fountain & 16 Variations – v4

Here is another trip through the algorithms of the latest machine. The piece is based on Cleansing Fountain, a traditional song that was included as a quote in the Charles Ive’s song “General Booth Enters into Heaven”. I made the variations by collecting all the notes of each measure into a list, then choosing from that list as I move through the measures. I take four measures at a time for each variation. At the start of the variation, I choose a rhythm, density, randomization algorithm, and volume. Then for each measure, I choose the proper key, measure, and type of measure it is. The type is either C major and G major, F major and C major, or all F major. Those three include all the measures in the piece. Then for each note, I choose an envelope, slide, note, duration, and other factors. I do this for sixteen variations, then restate the last few measures of the song straight. Sometimes the density is sparse, sometimes dense. Sometimes it’s loud, sometimes soft. It all depends on the choices the preprocessor makes. This one is the most recent trip through the machine, fresh today.

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Machine5 – Cleansing Fountain variations v4

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Prent Rodgers

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