Machines3 v2 – Peace in the Valley

This is another version with a few changed keys. I’m using the 16-note otonal scales based on 4:3, 1:1, and 16:9 (F, C, B♭), and utonal scales based on 9:8 (D). The piece is in F, so one would think that the composer wanted the same F in all the measures. But in this case, the F in the 1:1 otonality is located at 471 cents, because I’m using the G major seventh chord in that key, and the F has to be 7:4 to the G. So it’s flat. In 4:3 and 16:9 otonal, it’s at 498 cents, which is probably where it belongs. In 9:8 utonal scale the F is found at 520 cents, 22 cents sharp. It’s kind of like follow the bouncing ball to know where F will be in any given measure.

I also chose a more mellow envelope for the piano tones, so it sounds less harsh.

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Machine 3 – v2

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Prent Rodgers

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