More Naima

As you may know, I am somewhat obsessed with the song Naima by John Coltrane. For those who would like to wander down a jazz alley consisting of nothing but people playing nothing but Naima, as I did tonight on Rhapsody, here’s a playlist.

My Rhapsody Playlist

You have to have the service, which is great if you like other people’s music and are willing to sit at your computer and listen, neither of which I am. But, you never can tell when you might be at someone’s house who pays the $10-15 dollars a month to have unlimited access to music at their computers. I only listen to music while I walk, or if my kids are playing. That’s why I prefer podcasts. But that’s just me. This experiment with 33 versions of Naima has been terrific. I highly recommend it if you can spend the time. I only listened to the first 24 bars or so of each. Can you imagine what Barry White could have done with this song if had set his mind to it? Breathless…

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