Now Thank We All Our God – find those commas!

I’m still working my way through this one. I’ve found a few errors in my note choices today. At one point the score calls for a D and a G, and I used the D at ratio of 10/9 instead of the 9/8 to go with the G at 3/2. Not so nice.

At one point in chords 35 – 39 I need a G to go with the D at 10/9 and the Bb at 16/9, and with a C 1/1 E 5/4. So I chose a G 40/27 that drifts up by a step in 72 EDO to a G at 3/2 when it needs to match the C1/1. See the chart for the details. This section is heard at the end of today’s excerpt. Find those commas to solve the wolf problems.

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