People #4

Opening score of People

This is the fourth try at a tuning that sounds reasonable. I’m using the same two utonal and three otonal 16 note scales as the source for the notes. I start at with the 9:8 utonality, which has a very nice D minor and A minor modes. In measure 6 I shift to the 5:4 utonality to play a sweet G minor and A major, the D minor and F major modes. Each is unique and charming, to my ears.

Rzewski used this theme as the vehicle for 36 variations that explored the range of pianistic techniques that he was so famous for. It’s really a wonderful piece. I don’t plan to transcribe his variations at this point. I may come back to variation 13, my favorite. My intention is to explore the tuning in different ways. I’ve been playing along on my little Midi keyboard in the various tuning, and have found some delightful keys that I plan to explore. And I can transpose the tunings in interesting ways as well.

The People United Can Never Be Defeated.

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