Serenade for Alto Flute

This is a work in progress.

Today’s entry is the start of a piece on a tuning that I used to use on one of my finger pianos. It’s a subset of the tonality diamond, just 12 notes per octave. Here’s a picture of the tuning, based on the overtones of C and F.

I always liked a mode based on the 7:6 and 7:4. They are a 3:2 apart, and make a nice bass drone. The chords above are a bit strange, but attractive in their own way. I shifted the mode down a 7:6, so that the tonic was on c. Here’s a picture of that:

The number on the right column is the scale degree. The next column is the note name, the Sagittal accidental, then the 72-EDO number, and the ratio. Notice that the 2nd degree of the scale is a huge 8:7. Makes a big jump on that first step.

This version is scored for alto flute, finger piano, long strings, and oboes. It’s just a start for now.

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