Sleeping Wolve’s Dance #11

This is the first of the evaluation copies. I generally make a few copies then go for a walk and listen to them. This is one. I may change some things before it goes final.

It’s scored for Ernie Ball Super Slinky String samples, finger pianos, trumpets, trombones, tube drums, and balloon drums.

The scale is based on modes derived from the following undertone + one scale:

I take six notes at a time from the ten notes in the scale.

The order of the modes may change, but for now it’s like this:

  1. 792 581
  2. 925 137
  3. 137 258
  4. 8A3 492
  5. 813695
  6. 925 813
  7. 792 481
  8. 147 A69
  9. 792 483
  10. 925 137

Those are the triads that I stress in each 1-2 minute section, then I move to the next one. As usual, there is lots of randomness in this one, so I may have to make more changes to get something satisfactory.

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