Sleeping Wolve’s Dance – more trills

This is a work in progress. As the heading says, I added more trills. They had been dummied before, defaulting to no movement. I finally calculated the new distance and the appropriate Csound table for the new trills. Here’s what one looks like in Csound:

f 568 0 256 -7 1 16 1 0 1.14428343 16 1.14428343 0 1 16 1 0 1.14428343 16 1.14428343 0 1 192 1

and here’s what it looks like in graphic form:

Note that it goes up and down, up and down, then stays down. Not really a trill, more of an ornamental. I have real trills too, but these are different. They sound kind of like moving your fingers over the holds on a real thumb piano to get vibrato. But they modulate the pitch instead of the amplitude.

Play it here

or download this link

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Prent Rodgers

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