Slide Bassoon

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This is a work in progress…

I solved the problem of the slide flute, with balloon membranes. I was challenged with changing the resonant frequency of a tube, and discovered that it was dependent on the flexibility of the walls of the enclosure. Instead of a complex mechanism of sliding tube lengths, all that was necessary was a balloon at both ends. Now, the Bassoon is more complex. I must resort to computer modifications:

lf 357 0 256 -7 1 64 1 128 1.7548172 64 1.7548172 ; 7:4 g56 up 43

Slides up by a 7:4, from C to Bb. Then from Bb to C

lf 324 0 256 -7 1 64 1 128 1.1397199 64 1.1397199 ; 8:7 g23 up 10

.bassoon10 &bas.&key.e16d72h76u3&gls7:4. u0d32h34t+43&gls8:7.

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