Sports #2

This is a work in progress. I’m working on the chord changes at this point. The source code looks like this:

&B_maj+D_minN.&D_min+E_minB.&comb-A36*. &comb-B36*. &comb-A36*. &comb-B36*.
&C_maj+D_neuN.&D_min+E_minB.&comb-A36*. &comb-B36*. &comb-A36*. &comb-B36*.
&D_min+E_minN.&E_min+F_majB.&comb-A36*. &comb-B36*. &comb-A36*. &comb-B36*.
&E_min+F_majN.&F_maj+G_neuB.&comb-A36*. &comb-B36*. &comb-A36*. &comb-B36*.
&B_maj+D_minN.&D_min+E_minB.&comb-A36*. &comb-B36*. &comb-A36*. &comb-B36*.

So the six note scales are paired with another six note scale and it moves up and down, then shifts to another pair of six note scales, coming back to the beginning.

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Or download here: Sports.

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