Tango #1

I’m just starting to work through two very new things. I bought a sample library of a Bosendorfer piano that included 11 different volume levels. To enable this, I’ve updated my source code to support a linkage between the requested volume and the sample chosen. It was actually only a few lines of Csound code that were required to add that capability. Finding those few lines was a bit of a challenge, but it was worth it.

I also have been incorporating a Partch tonality diamond to the 31-limit. That’s not 31-EDO, but rather the overtonality and utonality to the 31st overtone. Previously I had limited my work to the 15-limit, and frequently to the 11-limit. There is a whole world out there that I’ve only begun to hear for the first time. The current scale has 16 tones per o- or u-tonality, 216 in total per octave.

This piece is just an experiment to hear what it can do. It’s not yet a tango, but that will come later.

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Tango #1
2014-11-29 16.51.08

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