The Music of the Hoh River Valley – FLAC versions

I finished the CD for the RPM challenge on Sunday. Here are the pieces all in one place for those interested, in FLAC format. I’ll only be able to keep these up for a short while because of the size. Liner notes here.

  1. Approaching the Bergschrund at Night
  2. Walking Down Blue Glacier
  3. At the Terminus of the Blue
  4. The Rocks of Glacier Creek
  5. Elk Lake Dancing
  6. Slow Dance
  7. Elk Lake Dancing – take two

All the FLAC’s can be downloaded by right mouse clicking and choosing “save as”, or some such browser specific command. They all end in the extension of .FLA, so they may need to be renamed as .FLAC once they are downloaded.

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Prent Rodgers

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