The People variation 5 – take 15

Here is a proposal for variation #5 of People. It’s based on the harmonies of measures 11 & 12. Out of the 5:4 Utonality I derive a just E minor and D minor. Out of the 4:3 Otonality, I pull a just A major. Inside the 16:9 Otonality, there is a just D major.

Unfortunately the most prominent note is D, but it shifts from 182 to 204 cents depending on the tonality I’m in. The same is true of other notes, like F, which goes from 460 to 498 cents. And Bb from 969 to 983 to 996. G stays at 702 cents, which is nice.

or download here:
People var #5 – 15

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Prent Rodgers

Musician seduced into capitalism.