The People – variation #8 take 24

This is variation #8 of People. It is based on the harmonies of measures 17-20, which I play on scales derived from the 4:3 otonality and the 9:8 utonality. From those 31-limit 16 note scales I derive A major and G minor from 4:3 otonality, and D minor and Bb major from the 9:8 utonality. There are lots of slides and trills that explore other notes in the scales. I should mention that these variations involve a lot of indeterminacy. There are a few dozen alternatives at any given time, and I allow the preprocessor program to choose which one to play. Each choice is collected in a list, and the algorithm picks either the next or previous choice from the list. There are lists of lists of lists several layers deep. When I post a variation, the variation is taken from two-four measures of the theme. I run it through the processor three times and pick the one that is most interesting, and discard the rest.

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People var #8 – 24

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Prent Rodgers

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