Tsantsa Circle Dance #4

This is a more or less final version of the transformation of the piece, Tsantsa Circle Dance, written in 2002, this time played on Prent’s Microtonal Slide Bosendorfers.

In today’s version, I updated the voicings for the bridge chords so that they move smoothly up or down a roughly chromatic scale, even though they are not chromatically related. For example, there is the following sequence of keys, and I play the 1:1 5:4 3:2 and 7:4 tetrad in each key. But I array them so that the first chord, D+ major, is voiced 4:5:6:7, the second F major is voiced 7:4:5:6. That way it seems to go up by very small degrees, when the change of key is larger. This way, it takes me about 24 chord changes to rise an octave. Here it is in cents:

These chords are in the 15-limit diamond as the otonality on 4:3, 8:5, 1:1, 16:11, 16:9, and back to 8:7.

Each chord can take advantage of all the 16 notes in the otonality scale to the 31-limit. Here is an example in D+:


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Tsantsa Circle Dance #4

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