Winding out to the Pacific 7

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This is a work in progress…

Playing with the tempo. I’d really like the ability to set the overall tempo the way I set the overall volume: as a continuously variable speed that can change with each note. Csound allows that, I just need to code the preprocessor to support it. Today I hand code it thusly:
t0 480 200 840 300 1280 600 800 700 240 900 1200 2000 1300
Where starting at time zero the tempo is 480 beats per minute, until time 200, when it reaches 840 bpm, then speeds up to 1280 at beat 300, then slows down to 800 at beat 600, and so on.
But that means I have to know when the tempo change is supposed to happen, and that varies depending on the chosen route through the piece. Simple matter of programming…

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