O Welt, ich muß dich lassen #2

This is a new realization of another Bach Chorale, BWV 394. It’s made with Csound and Prent’s Microtonal Slide Bosendorfer, tuned to some of the higher ends of the 31-limit tonality diamond. It uses much of the infrastructure of my previous Chorale and Hymn music, with a gradually more complex structure as it proceeds. As with the others, it take extensive use of the Markov Chain Drunkard’s Walk randomization algorithm, in which there are lists of articulations and glides, lists of durations, lists of octave choices, lists of scales, and lists of quarter note sections of the chorale. It’s all very serial in approach, but I think it makes some damn fine choices as it bounces along.

or download here:
welt #2

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Prent Rodgers

Musician seduced into capitalism.

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